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Effjey have been manufacturing our "Travelling Hoarding System" for over 10 years. They are used in Marks and Spencers and Primark refurbishments, as well as others. They save space, time and money.

Major in store works and refurbishments although necessary cause upheaval with great inconvenience to customers and staff. In most instances a shabby painted hoarding is erected to screen the contractors activities and ensure the safety of customers.

This type of hoarding is totally non productive but it need not be!
Using our travelling hoarding system makes great sense.

The store retains its look and feel while at the same time offering many meter's of valuable merchandise space.

The refurbishments progress behind a substantial shield giving customer and staff safety plus returning lost revenues.

Why not turn the inconvenience to the profit pictured to the right.......

Protecting our Environment.
Traditionally in store hoardings are made from timber stud work and clad with plywood. With increasing pressure on all businesses to protect and conserve our environment deforestation is a major concern. A traditional timber hoarding is usually demolished at the end of any works and resigned to a skip and on to land fill.

Return of lost revenue during construction works.
Store retains it look and feel.

Minimizes disruption to customers and staff.
Environmentally friendly.

A full installation and demount of the system at the start and completion of works.
A range of shelves, display rails etc are available to accommodate the type of products to be displayed.

The system can be used for a promotional events where extra space is required in store for a limited period.

If required we can supply bespoke fittings to accommodate specialist stock.
Monthly rental spreading the cost and 100% tax deductable.

Effjeys Traveling Hoarding is a totally modular steel structure.

At the end of a refurbishment the structure can be demounted and moved on to a new site or in to our storage warehouse very quickly.